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5 Tips for Businesses Who Want to Apply for the New Round of Working Washington Business Grants

The following information is provided by the December 3 Business and Workers Update and the state Economic Resiliency Team (ERT), part of the Washington State Joint Information Center:   The application for the new round of Working Washington business grants is now open. Businesses can apply for up to $20,000 to offset costs or expenses due…

By Nate Riordan December 4, 2020 0

Tips for Franchise Business Owners Facing Pandemic Restrictions

As the pandemic restrictions press into its eighth month, small businesses are feeling the squeeze the most. There has been a 22% reduction in business activity nationwide (NBER), that’s 3.3 million inactive American business, some of which have closed permanently due to COVID-19 restrictions and the economic fallout that followed. And according to estimates from…

By Nate Riordan September 21, 2020 0