Client Testimonials

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Nathan Riordan Reviews:

“Nate and West Coast Franchise Law represented us as we took our Wendy’s operation from 9 restaurants to over 40 and then sold out and retired. Along the way Nate and his team helped us through several acquisitions, sell and leaseback numerous locations, refinance three times, restructure leases, close a few stores and counseled us along the way in different aspects of our business. Nate’s franchise knowledge and expertise were more than helpful on many occasions. Nate and his team were a vital part of our growth, success and exit, and we highly recommend them to any multi-unit franchisee.”
Hans Sohlen & Mark Reed, former Wendy’s franchisees

“My wife and I filed a Chapter 11 on our own. We had a lot of properties, a lot of parties and a lot of complexities. Nate came into the case, took the lead with the creditors and saw the case through to its conclusion. The case was complicated and Nate and his team really came through for us. I deeply appreciate the job they did and highly recommend the firm.”

“When business at my firm slowed down and I got into debt I couldn’t handle, I used Nate to file my personal bankruptcy. My case had some complications, but Nate handled them all well and the case went smoothly. I highly recommend Nate and his firm.”
A Satisfied Client

“My wife and I interviewed and then hired Nate when purchasing our franchise license. Being new to franchising, we were a bit uneasy with the process. We were also concerned with getting advice and contracting with someone from out of state. From our initial phone consultation all those fears were relieved. Nate was professional and very knowledgeable about the world of franchising. We believe he did an amazing job representing us, and asking very thought provoking questions to help in our decision-making. We would not hesitate to use his services in the future. Can’t say enough positive things about our entire experience, start to finish!”

“As a lawyer myself, I was very careful to select the best counsel for the worst time in my life. Nathan delivers. And makes me proud of the profession.”

“As a medium sized builder, hit smack in the face by the recession. I was personally responsible for far too many financial obligations – with many moving parts to my bankruptcy After meeting with, interviewing and hearing the same old story from others in the Seattle area – Nate Riordan was the proverbial breath of fresh air. Nate is smart, witty, well versed and thorough in his specialty. I would recommend Nate Riordan (and have) to anyone, who needs honest, competent help through the landmines that exist going through bankruptcy.”

“Nate helped me with the short sale of my house, which was a very confusing process for me. He worked with my real estate agent and the banks on my behalf – I felt there was very little that I had to deal with on my own. He answered all of my questions thoroughly, and really took the time to make sure that I understood what was going on. He was very easy to communicate with, and if I ever need an attorney again, he will be the first person I call.”
A Satisfied Client

“My experience with Nathan was and continues to be extremely positive. Throughout my difficult process, I found him to be very reassuring. All my questions have been answered in a timely and complete way, he set forth his expectations for my case very clearly and communicated precisely what I needed to do. More than once, he went well out of his way to accommodate my schedule.

I’ve had the occasion to work with several attorneys in the past, and I’ve found that working with someone who is really my advocate – instead of just treating me as one small file in a large caseload – makes a tremendous difference. It definitely did in this case. I’d recommend Nathan very highly.”
A Satisfied Client

“I used Nate to buy a franchise, he did a great job.”
A Satisfied Client

“Nate has helped my husband and I in the past as we looked into buying a franchise. We did not buy the franchise based on his recommendation and it was a brilliant decision as in this economy and with their restrictive agreements, we would have been in a very backwards business model with no way out. Nate was even attempting to point out to the franchise owner’s lawyer what the issues were with their new agreement. Thank you Nate for your help.

I have also recommended Nate to several other co-workers and friends who have used him as well and really appreciated his assistance.”
A Satisfied Client

Alan J. Wenokur Reviews:

“Mr. Wenokur was invaluable in assisting me. He was highly recommended by my divorce attorney. Upon meeting him, I was impressed with his ability to immerse himself into the many complexities of my litigation and its history. He knew the laws, was always prepared in court and was timely in his actions on my behalf. I attended many of the legal proceedings with Mr. Wenokur and he was a calming presence in a sea of uncertainty. Throughout my court proceedings and mediations, he provided me with excellent advice and support. I never hesitated to call him with questions about my case. Mr. Wenokur always responded in a timely manner with patience and understanding.”

“Don’t blink an eye hiring Alan and his firm at his stated rate. We were forced into litigation on a creditor claim. We’ve hired attorneys at less than half this firm’s hourly rate and were slightly nervous about that. What we can tell you is that for the same load or even more of a caseload, we ended up with the same bill in the end. Only one differentiation here is that Alan and his team WON. They use their knowledge of law, experience, and relationships to remove billable time and help proclaim victory. I’m thrilled with their services and should we have to travel the dusty trail of bankruptcy litigation again, our money will go to Alan’s firm.”

“Alan is by far the most professional and hardworking attorney I dealt with during my years of litigation. His efforts saved me and our clients hundreds of thousands of dollars.”
A Satisfied Client

“Mr. Wenokur was recommended by a good friend of ours, we are extremely grateful for his counsel and diligence. Alan went to great lengths to inform us, guide us, and protect us through a very gut-wrenching time in our life. We owned a small business which complicated some matters, but he was able to competently handle everything that came our way, including several appearances in Federal court. He is personable, brilliant, and VERY prepared. We cannot say enough about how pleased we are with his work and guidance. We are indebted to Mr. Wenokur for having gotten us through a bad situation, thanks, Alan.”