Lawyer Endorsements

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Nathan Riordan Attorney Endorsements:

“As one who represents institutional and individual creditors, I regularly deal with insolvency counsel in and outside of bankruptcy court. When Alan Wenokur or Nate Riordan represent a financially distressed individual or business, I have full confidence that they will have carefully thought through the issues, and I can rely on them for a straightforward approach. They are highly skilled, and focus on problem solving with no waste nor drama. When I make a referral for someone in financial distress, I always include their names, and as the attorney who is often on the other side, I appreciate their professionalism.”
Thomas A. Lerner, Business Litigation Attorney

“I have known Nate for more than 10 years. We have worked together and opposing each other in many cases. I would gladly endorse Nate.”
Todd Tracy, Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Attorney

“I’ve worked with and against Nate on multiple occasions. I have found him reasonable and effective at problem-solving, but never compromising his client’s needs. I easily endorse this attorney.”
Zeshan Khan, Family Attorney

“I recently had the pleasure of working with Mr. Riordan in negotiating a debt settlement. I found Mr. Riordan to be extremely knowledgeable, thorough, and affable throughout our negotiations. Due to Mr. Riordan’s case preparation and knowledge of applicable bankruptcy law, we were able to avoid incurring unnecessary costs and optimize the financial results of both of our clients. Mr. Riordan is well known and well respected in the Northwest Bankruptcy community and I would highly recommend him.”
Steven Reilly, Business Attorney

“I strongly endorse Nate. He is very well respected by the court, is a great strategist and always works in the best interests of his clients. Our office regularly refers cases to Nate – we are very confident in his skills.”
John Rizzardi, Debt and Lending Agreements Attorney

“Nate was indispensable in his assistance with a bankruptcy matter. I found Nate to be both knowledgable and responsive to my questions. I highly recommend Nate’s services.”
Heather Morado, Entertainment Attorney

Alan J. Wenokur Attorney Endorsements:

“The world of bankruptcy court is baffling, even to practicing lawyers, so when one of my cases moves into bankruptcy, Alan is the first person I call. Alan consistently provides sound advice and quality legal services at a very reasonable price. He has my highest recommendation.”
Duncan Turner, Attorney

“I contact Alan Wenokur whenever I need help or have questions about a bankruptcy matter. Alan always responds quickly, with sound and wise advice. I highly recommend Alan and always refer lawyers with bankruptcy questions and clients with bankruptcy issues to him, knowing he will give them that same sound and wise advice.”
Fred Finkelstein, Attorney

“I endorse this lawyer. Alan is an extremely knowledgeable and effective bankruptcy lawyer. He is capable of handling a wide variety of complex matters in bankruptcy court and does a great job for his clients.”
Ronald Gardner, Personal Injury Attorney